Beyond the Manifested

This section of the website is entirely different from the rest of it but at the same time it is the conclusion of what is already there.
We are going to discuss those questions which we have not got the idea of and we might don’t want to hear it because we know that finding the answers of such problems is not a play of even genius IQs.
The section is divided into posts entitling a number of questions each itself is enormously big to discuss.
To tell you the hard work we did in making this most interesting section beautiful, it took us 2 years to discuss each question with some well known Philosophers, People well-versed in the Vedas, some Psychologists and people of different religions and ethics each being a well known personality of their respected field.
Interestingly what we concluded after completing this project is that the we already knew it!!! “Look at the most enjoyed scripture….Bhagwad Gita!
Even the psychological theory giving some aspects of human nature towards Sense-Gratification*, which was established obviously by performing some difficult experiments and surveys is written in some few verses of The Gita.
That adds to the verification of those verses of Gita(though the sacred scripture doesn’t need it).
{*For the theory please read the section by clicking here}


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