Short Stories

This section ‘Short Stories‘ is the essence of this whole website, developed enthusiastically.
It contains a lot of Stories from different epics you won’t have (even) heard before. Though you could have managed to know the epics like the Mahabharat and the Ramayana but this section is a bit different. Not concerned of telling you the epic, as you previously know them but some stories not actually a part of the epic. Like in Anushashana-Parva Bhisma tells a dozen of Stories to Yudhisther, both ethical and interesting . Our team has managed to pull out the ‘Sattva-ras‘ of the vedic texts.
You will find a variety of short stories both of the Godhead and the vedic man. Neverthless, errors in expressing the stories has been taken care of, cause even nominal mistakes are not regrettable.
These are the list of stories-Divisions(Only division. Stories are within these divisions);


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