Who am I?

Have you ever thought what am I doing here…not out of inferiority complex which is the psychological aspect of this but because of the search for truth.
Truth won’t come to you unless you yourself go in search for it. You wouldn’t get the answer unless you search for it. Many questions might be bumping all through your head.. but lets take them one by one…
So who we are.. first lets make it very clear that we are not this body, adding an adjective “mortal” to it will sure do the part. We are not the body but the soul residing in it. Bodies pass away as we pass through lives but the soul being the Real us, remains the same. As we change our house, it changes the body.
So how should one approach for truth.. learning science could’ve been a way if it were to teach you something beyond the observable, science itself describes it to address the observable.
The statement in the Upanishads is aham brahmasmi, “I am Brahman;” that is to say, I am spirit. The corollary is that “I am not matter,” and the meaning of that is, “I am not this body.”

So, according to the Vedas, the real self is not the body. By “body,” they mean the body and what we call the mind. According to the Vedas, we have a gross body made of earth and water and air and so on, and we have a subtle body, which we experience as mind – thinking, feeling and willing – this is the subtle body.

But beyond this is the soul. I am not the gross body nor am I my mind. And then people will say, “well, what’s left?” and what’s left, what is the soul, is consciousness. Consciousness is the symptom of the presence of soul. So we know of the existence of the self because of consciousness. Consciousness does not arise out of material interactions.

The Scientific Explanation of us being manifested in this world is roughly the interaction between atoms and molecules giving rise to more and more complex entities, the organic molecules. Ultimately the formation of biomolecules and then micro-organisms and finally us. All the interactions, structures can be fully expressed with numbers.
So then, at a certain stage or level of complexity, something else pops into being, which is not just another structure of matter but the experience of structures of matter. That’s what they want to say.
This “consciousness” is very hard for scientists to deal with because you cannot express it in terms of numbers. It’s a different ontological category. If all you have is structures of matter getting more and more complex, that’s all you should ever get. But this thing – “experience” – that has popped into being, the experience of structures of matter, is incongruous. It doesn’t fit.
In the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna says that he is the supreme cause and the sustaining force of everything, both material and spiritual, and from Him come two energies the material energy – that makes up our gross and subtle bodies, and the conscious souls. And these two come from Him and come together and form the universe, so the conscious experience is not due to matter but to the spirit soul.
That’s the self – this eternal, conscious entity which transmigrates through all these different kinds of bodies.
And when we arrive at the human body, that consciousness can be more fully uncovered and manifest. And so, now we ask ourselves, “Who am I? What am I doing here? Why am I existing? What is it that is existing? Why should anything exist at all? Why is there something, rather than nothing?” These kinds of things occur to us because of our higher consciousness.
So we need self-realization. We don’t know who we are. The activity of the soul is yoga, let it be Bhakti Yoga(Devotional Service to Lord) or Nishkam Karma Yoga(Action without the desire for fruits), Gyan(Trancendental Knowledge) being the vital part of both of them. That way, we discover our real self and our real life, and not what passes for it here in the material world.


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