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Lord Vamana conquering the TRILOKA

Lord Vamana conquering the TRILOKA

King Bali had conquered all the three worlds, and dethroned Indra from
Heaven and occupied Amaravathi, the capital of Indralok.
Bali completed 99 of Ashwamedha Yaagas. If he completes 100 of those Yaagas, he will
be eligible for the post of Indra. Indra got scared, and went to Brihaspati
(the Guru of Devatas) and asked him for guidance to restore his kingdom
back. Brihaspati asks Indra to wait for the right time, and approach Lord
Vishnu for things to happen
Aditi is the mother of all the Devatas and Sage Kashyapa is the father. Aditi
was unable to see the plight of the Indra and other Devatas, and requested
Kashyapa to help their children out. Kashyapa tells Aditi to appease Lord
Vishnu since he too was helpless. Aditi performed severe penance to get
back power to their son. Lord Vishnu was pleased with Aditi’s penance and
assures her, “Do not worry, the demons will not stay in the Swargalok for
long. I shall soon be born as your son and will put an end to Bali.” Soon
Aditi is blessed with a son. He was dwarf and was named Vamana.
A few years later King Bali decides to perform the 100
th Ashwamedha Yaaga to be crowned the supreme king of Swargalok forever. Lord Vamana hears of
this and comes to the venue of the Yagna. King Bali welcomes his little
guest whole-heartedly. Bali says “You have come while I am performing a
Yagna, ask what you want and it shall be granted to you.” Vamana was
tight lipped, but Bali kept insisting that he asks for something. Bali asked
Vamana whether he wants some kingdom, beautiful elephants, horse,
jewels, any bride, etc. For everything Vamana said NO. Finally Vamana
asked Bali just three steps of land in the steps of Vamana. Bali was
surprised “You are asking only three steps, that too in your steps. What
you will get.” He asked Vamana to demand some better items instead of
these steps, thinking that the three steps are very meager for donation.
Vamana said that he will be satisfied with the three steps of land only.
On hearing this, Demon Guru Sukracharya doubts the incident to be the
brainwork of Lord Vishnu. He immediately approaches Bali and warns him,
“Oh! Great King, the little Brahmana is Lord Vishnu himself take back your
words. Bali refused to hear his advice, and in fact he said “Aaha! What a
great opportunity that the hand of Lord Vishnu will be below and my hand
will be above. I will not lose this chance of giving this donation even if I lose
my entire kingdom. Also what is there to think, as if this body will be
forever?” When Bali fails to listen to him, Sukracharya enters Bali’s water
container (Kamandala) in a microscopic form and blocked the water from
flowing from the vessel’s sprout (when a king donates anything to his
subjects, it was a custom to do so by pouring water onto the subject’s
palms. This was when the donation was considered complete). Lord
Vamana who was aware of this trick, put a straw in the vessel’s sprout and
this entered the eye of Sukracharya and thus blinding him. Unable to bear
the pain, Sukracharya moved out of the vessel’s sprout. Bali donates the
three feet land as requested by the Lord Vamana.


Almost immediately at once dwarf Lord Vamana grew large in size astonishing all
the demons present there. Lord Vamana covered all of the Earth with his first
step. His second step covered all of the sky. There was no place for the
third step. When the demons realized that they were being cheated, they
prepare for a war only to be stopped by king Bali. Then Vamana questions Bali where He could place his third foot? King Bali realized that he is short
of fulfilling his promise given to Lord Vamana. He surrenders completely before
the Lord, and bends his head where the third foot could be placed to fulfill
his promise. Prahlad comes and intervenes and pleads with Lord Vishnu to
let go off his grandson. Then Lord Vishnu says, “Though he is a demon, Bali
has all the qualities required to seat him with the Devatas. For the time
being, he shall rule over the Patala and later ascend to the Swargalok as the
future Indra.” Having said so, the Lord disappears.


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